Warning: Side Effects of Joining Thin Hypnosis May Include Permanent Life Alterations!

Caution! Before you even think about clicking ‘Register’, be advised: Thin Hypnosis is not for procrastinators. We have a different course for you—just kidding! But seriously, hypnosis can help you tackle any personal issue, so get ready to confront yourself and embrace change. There’s a better way than struggling with willpower and dieting.

Ready to Flip Your Mind Upside Down?

Under the expert tutelage of Joanna Rose Light—a woman who’s been waging (and winning) the war against weight for over 25 years—you’re about to embark on a journey of permanent transformation. She lost 30 pounds through hypnosis and has maintained her health for three decades.

Consider Yourself Warned 

Embarking on this path with us can lead to many necessary yet unforeseen behavior changes you may not expect. Are you ready for constant compliments and the need for a new wardrobe?

Evaluate Your Desire to Succeed

If you’re seriously ready to revolutionize your life, to not just lose weight but to lose the very concept of ‘dieting’, then join us. But remember, we warned you—once you start, you might actually end up loving the new you. Click ‘Register’ only if you dare to live better. Proceed at your own blissful risk!

By registering for the free introduction to hypnosis class, you’re taking the first step towards transformation, and you have 10 days to decide if you wish to cancel or proceed to join the live group Thin Hypnosis session that could profoundly change your life!